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Constant Temperature
Constant Humidity Test

Verify the products of function and appearance testing from -70°C to +120°C. (-94°F ∼ +248°F)

Validation in pre-production stage and sampling inspection during production for preparing use of low temperature, high temperature and high humidity.

High Pressure Waterproof Test

We are running high pressure waterproof test in order to verify waterproof, IPⅩ9K level.

UV Test

The purpose of these tests is to predict the expected service life of products and materials or predict unexpected failures that may occur.

Vibration Test

It is possible to eliminate design and structural defects that cause product failure due to vibration and simulate the influence of vibration. 

Test result of automatic program, record management and automatic storage compared to vehicle driving conditions.

Thermal Shock Test

Thermal shock test according to international standards Products reliability test by rapid temperature change.

Put products over 85°C (185°F) zone for some period of time and move to -30°C (-22°F) zone in short period of time.

Salty Spray Test

In order to test the corrosion resistance of the product, we have our own salt spray tester and conduct the test.