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CEO Greeting

EASTERN MASTEC announcing management philosophy for recognizing worth & dignity of customers, offering always new products to customers and making an honest company in the world was established in 1983.
First generation : Car speaker, Multipurpose & Surround speaker systems, Car vacuum cleaners, Car air cleaners
Second generation : Multimedia speaker, Sub woofer systems, Wireless speaker systems, Digital DVD, Home theater systems
Third generation : CCTV systems, Digital TFT LCD monitor, Security systems, World best mobile safety view systems on the basis of advanced technology and has grown to be a market leader.
Also, developing & manufacturing rear vision cameras & TFT LCD monitors which assisting vehicle safety since 1999 and our products are “World Best” reputed.
Now, EASTERN MASTEC is challenging & trying constantly to develop new products that combines our unique technology with the world proven quality.
EASTERN MASTEC is well aware that we could have come over the last 40 years due to customer’s interests & love. We will try more hardly to get customer’s trust and do social responsibility through clean management company. Also, we will give some of the profits back to the community rewarding customer’s ongoing love. EASTERN MASTEC who is leading company in the world hopes your more interests & constant love and wish your warm health & happiness
C E O Bryan Cho