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Production Quality

Automatic Assembly Robots

Since 2018, We have introduced automatic assembly robots to realize zero defect. 

Currently it consists of 2pcs of monitor automatic assembly robots and a camera automatic assembly robots.

Automatic Image Measurement

Digital test equipment for determining pass and fail of focusing tolerance by camera focusing operator in production of camera. 

It is under applying in production line currently for camera focusing inspection. Possible to produce equal quality products and equal performance products running camera performance evaluation lists. Also, possible to produce each customer`s camera specification.

Waterproof Test

Waterproof test for producing products that meet quality standards considering the user environment.

All products are checked by automatic monitoring equipment.

Optical Axis Correction

To ensure quality of camera module, we conduct a through inspection using optical axis inspection equipment and make final modifications before shipping the product.

Automatic Aging Inspection

To verify reliability, continuous operation tests are conducted for 8 to 24 hours and all products are inspected with automatic monitoring equipment.